The largest of our right angle motors.

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The largest of our right angle motors. It is widely used in both mobility and robotic applications. This unit combines a powerful motor and a 28:1 gearbox with the ability to disengage the gearbox with the flip of a lever. The integrated electromechanical brake makes this a particularly good motor for use in mobility applications.- Convenient radius in the gearbox cover provides for easy mount to wheelchair frame.

  • 17 mm output shaft with 6 mm key slot
  • Electro-mechanical Brake – 15 in-lbs minimum
  • Convenient Wiring – Allows for independent operation of the motor and brake
  • Gearbox cover – Heavy duty diecast design provides for easy mounting to wheelchair frame
  • Drive shaft – 17 mm shaft with 6 mm key slot
  • Disengagement lever – can be rotated to disengage the gearbox
  • 24 volts
  • 120 rpm
  • 28:1 gear ratio
  • 14.5 lb (6.58 kg)

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Weight 16.1 lbs